Sunday, January 6, 2008

Join Us at 366 Photos Flickr Group

It's official, I've joined the '366 Photos' group at Flickr. Seems to consist primarily of educators at this time. I'll be taking a picture a day, which is great since I've been wanting to push myself to using my digital camera a bit more (I did make great strides by now carrying my camera with me in my purse whereever I go). It's also a means for me to focus (note that I DID NOT say 'add' -- since that would go against my 'reduce' 2008 resolution!) a little more of my time on creativity which I've been wanting to do for a while. Some groups require that you upload one picture a day EVERY day so I've posted a question to the group about time management and the ability to post a week's worth of photos at a time. That would definitely help to 'reduce' my time-on-task.

And how will I 'reuse' (another 2008 resolution) this activity? Simple! I plan on sharing the photos with my 4th grade classes and having them vote on the ones that should be uploaded. (That's another reason I want to upload only once a week.) We'll be looking at content, layout, color, etc. in preparation for a digital photography unit in the spring.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over and 'join' today! I was #25 to join.

NOTE: It would be WONDERFUL if all of us would tag our photos with Creative Commons licensing allowing us to use these images in the classroom with/by our students (as appropriate). This group could then become another resource for teachers to use for images.

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